Hi folks. This journey started, for me, with the introduction of color TV.  Yes, that was a long time ago for some of you. For the old folks like me… it was only yesterday.


You see, the color TV brought the world into our living rooms. Soon, everyone believed that what was happening on TV was REAL. Back then in the 1950’s and 1960’s most television was LIVE and broadcasts like the moonshot were LIVE. The moon shot had taken place in 1969 and our family didn’t get a decent color TV until almost 2 years later.


Then a fellow by the name of Erich von Däniken dared to challenge the world with his astounding and provocative evidence of Nazca Lines and strange monoliths and bas relief sculptures that provoked most of us into the strangest thoughts of our young lives.  Our parents “pooh-poohed” the whole idea. Yet, it persisted for many of us through the decade. Along with Star Trek our imaginations were spurred forward as we dreamed that all of it… someday… would become our reality.

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5 Benefits of Scalar Energy Knee Pain Relief Products

Instant Pain Relief introduces genuine knee pain relief products in the form of scalar energy pendants known for their efficacious properties and use as a natural treatment to relief aches, soreness and pains.

Instant Pain Relief offers an extensive range of Scalar Energy knee pain relief products that are manufactured using the latest Japanese technology. These pendants strengthen the human body internally by working externally when worn continuously around the neck and/or wrists. It helps reconnect our energy with Mother Nature and its natural energy source which, in the world of today, we have lost touch with and/or are completely disconnected with. A busy lifestyle that is demanding and leaves us with less to no time to even spend quality time with loved ones, causing stress and daily exposure to harmful frequencies has left us with no choice but to throw ourselves at the mercy of doctors just to get relief from pain, body aches, stress and much. However, you need not do so anymore, as Instant Pain Relief brings to you an effective and affordable treatment that is natural with no side effects as opposed to medication, drugs and antibiotics in the form of scalar energy pendants also known as the best knee pain relief products.

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4 Common Scalar Weather Effects

Scalar weather generally means the ability to intentionally alter the weather for various purposes. These purposes may include preventing adverse weather like hurricanes and to keep them from occurring or evoke severe weather conditions against an oncoming enemy as a tactical method. Scalar weather effects can also be used to increase rain for the purpose of increasing water supply. Common scalar weather effects include:

Frost prevention

Prevention of frost is mainly done for agricultural benefits. Frost can have quite a devastating effect on grapes and citrus.

Cloud seeding

This is the most common weather scalar effect where engineers convert the super cooled liquid droplets that form the cloud and prevent them precipitating. Since clouds are masses of drops of water and grains of ice, precipitation happens when the grains of ice grow heavy enough to fall to earth as snow, hail or rain. In most cases this is done when something important is about to happen and the rain, snow or hail might be a huge disruption

Fog and cloud dispersal

Fog and cloud dispersal is mostly done where the fog or cloud can result to economic losses for example having to halt air travelling as a result of the fog. Engineers tend to use dry ice to seed clouds so that the water droplets in the fog can eventually condense and clear from the air. As a result clouds and fog banks disappear.

Hurricane modification

Hurricane control is known to have both human and economic benefits. Cloud seeding not only helps in controlling rain, snow and hails it also reduces hurricane energy. Hurricanes can have an adverse effect on day-to-day businesses causing economic loss. They also affect humans as a result of the major damages they cause for example leaving people homeless and in other cases even causing deaths.

As much as scalar weather effects are surrounded by controversies they also play very important roles in the society.


Benefits of cloning

Cloning is the process of taking desired genetic material from the DNA of an organism , and creating an identical copy of it by growing it artificially so as to certain qualities.

There are many advantages of cloning. Some of them include

Solving fertility problems

There are a big number of couples who are not able to conceive babies naturally. This happens due to fertility problems or homosexual people who want children but they are not able to. Such people could make use of cloning to create children using their own genes.

Designer children

Cloning would in future enable parents to choose the desired traits in children. The genes of a child can be inserted during the early stages of development.

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Disadvantages of cloning

Although cloning has several advantages, it is possibly one of the topics that are widely debated on because of the disadvantages it has.

The following are some of the disadvantages of cloning

Has low success rate

There is limited information on the process of cloning hence the chances of its success have always been low. Out of all the tests conducted on cloning, a very little percent has proved successful.

Mutation risks

Cloning necessitates that there is manipulation of genes. When dealing with genes, there is risk of mutation occurring. This results in deaths and extreme abnormalities. No one wants that to happen.

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Cloning is the process of producing genetically identical individuals. Cloning of plants started hundreds or even thousands of years ago. However, cloning of animals started in the 1950’s but successful human cloning is yet to happen.

The first ever artificial embryo twinning was demonstrated in 1885. However, the first nuclear transferthat was successful was of a frog and took place in 1952. By the early 1980’s, embryonic cell techniques became more popular in cloning laboratory animals including livestock and mice. In 1975, scientists created the first mammalian embryo of a rabbit by nuclear transfer. Later in 1984, researchers created the first mammal by nuclear transfer (sheep). In 1987, scientists proved that even cows could be cloned.

By the late 1990’s, scientists had now developed cloning methods which used adult animal cells. However, the birth of the sheep named Dolly, in 1997 symbolized a major breakthrough in science and technology.

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Energy Vortex On Earth

Many ancient civilizations held the belief that the Earth was born from a universal energy matrix. At present, there are certain locations and areas in our planet that are considered to have the highest energy concentrations than ever before. These are known as the energy vortices of Earth. In the past, many formed stories of how they came to be. However, scientific evidence shows that they are brought about by the electromagnetic field. However far apart these hot spots’ might be from one another, they are linked together by ley lines (a.k.a energy lines), which are described as intricate pathways connected to one another that are similar in structure to the human circulatory and nervous system.

Vortices may come in various forms and sizes such as mountains, volcanoes, mineral deposits, the depths of the oceans, etc. Some famous landmarks around the world such as the Himalayas, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Peruvian Inca territories are also considered energy vortex of Earth.

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Hypothetically, an alien is a fictional being from another world. Though, aliens generally avoid making their presence known to humanity!

Do aliens exist? How would you react on seeing a real alien? The idea that ancient aliens exist is and has never been taken seriously by NASA, (The Natural Aeronautics and Space Administration) responsible for all air/space operations, and has received little or no credible attention. But most review studies by people across the world suggest that we are not alone. From bizarre reportings, to basic statistical mathematics probability, all fingers point to alien life. Is this skepticism?

Most people register sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) moving in lightning speed across the sky. Shockingly, also astronauts themselves from NASA point out seeing flying figures when in space. There are also those who claim to have had extraterrestrial encounters with aliens and steered them mentally or even, performed medical experiments on them.

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Nano Technology – sounds cool, find out why

A big part of today’s technology and scientific research is done on a microscopic level, manipulating very small objects or particles like atoms, molecules, etc. So, basically nanotechnology is engineering, technology or science done at nano-scale. Nano-scale ranges from 1 to 100 nano-meters and nano-meter is one billionth of a meter, so practically anything that we make manipulating objects sized from slightly less than one nano-meters up to a hundred nano-meters counts as nanotechnology. The word “nano” is of Greek origin and means something small. To get the idea how small it is, one ordinary sheet of paper from your notebook is about 100,000 nano-meters thick.

It all began when a renowned physicist Richard Feynman came to the idea what it would be like if scientists could manipulate and control separate molecules, atoms or other extremely small objects. He shared it with the world in his lecture named “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” in the year of 1959 at the California Institute of Technology where the meeting of American Physical Society was held.

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The Tantalizing Possibility that Aliens Built our History

When you look at the ancient wonders of the world, it seems hard to imagine that humans were able to build such impressive, complicated things with virtually no technology to aid them. Even today, scholars argue over the true nature of some ancient architecture. How is it that in today’s world of advanced technology and massive research efforts, we still can’t be sure about something as simple as how something was built thousands of years ago? One possibility, though some may claim it’s far-fetched, is that ancient aliens were responsible for building some ancient structures, or at least helped us along the way.

Take the great pyramids in Egypt for example. Some of the rocks used to build them weighed as much as 2 tonnes, and since the mathematics and geometry required to design ways to move these rocks did not exist until well after the Egyptian empire was gone, the question remains: How did the Egyptians build such long-lasting structures, out of massive rocks, without the required knowledge?

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