Physics as an Earth Science


Physics is one of the earth sciences that are related to nature and the universe where mankind lives. It is an interesting and exciting discipline because it helps people to become effective problem-solvers. Besides, it has enabled mankind to develop an analytical understanding of things. In fact, everything that happens in the world is by the grace of physics. From growth of trees to the cold and warm breeze we experience, falling of rain to snow fall, sun shining to glacial activity , exciting eclipses to floating of ships , the flying birds to the rainbow high in the sky can only be explained by physics.

The major fields of physics include mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, and thermodynamics.

Physics explains key concepts regarding the behavior of nature. The many theories and models that explain these concepts is what are referred to as physical sciences.

In more elaborate terms, physical sciences is a general word which consists of the subdivision of natural science that deals with non living systems, in comparison to the life sciences.

Physics has indeed contributed to atomic research with physicists working on molecules like protons, neutrons, and electrons to produce electricity and anti-nuclear devices in the defense sector.  The CERN collider is an example of practical physics at work.  The recent discovery of the “God Particle” attests to the importance of continued research at the CERN Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.

Astronomy is another important phenomenon in physics, numerical calculations such as calculus, permutation, combination, are similarly relevant to bytes, megabytes, and gigabytes to IT sector.

Physics also plays a critical role in photography. In photography, you need a camera is built to use concave and convex technology to form an image.

Physics is widely applied in building bridges, railways, roads and construction of mega structures such as tunnels and sun ways.

Astrophysics is also a branch of physics that explains the origin of the solar system and cosmology.

Physics is a very beneficial discipline in the essence that people can deliver results based on observations and facts, rather than speculation.

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