The Tantalizing Possibility that Aliens Built our History


When you look at the ancient wonders of the world, it seems hard to imagine that humans were able to build such impressive, complicated things with virtually no technology to aid them. Even today, scholars argue over the true nature of some ancient architecture. How is it that in today’s world of advanced technology and massive research efforts, we still can’t be sure about something as simple as how something was built thousands of years ago? One possibility, though some may claim it’s far-fetched, is that ancient aliens were responsible for building some ancient structures, or at least helped us along the way.

Take the great pyramids in Egypt for example. Some of the rocks used to build them weighed as much as 2 tonnes, and since the mathematics and geometry required to design ways to move these rocks did not exist until well after the Egyptian empire was gone, the question remains: How did the Egyptians build such long-lasting structures, out of massive rocks, without the required knowledge?

There is also the fact that the great pyramids line up in such a way that the people who built them had advanced knowledge of the Sun’s annual movement and also the movement of the constellations. It seems like they had far too many hurdles to overcome, but in the end, they did.

The simplest explanation for the complexity of ancient architecture is that the work was painstakingly done, by many people, over a very long period of time. However, as long as we aren’t able to fully explain or reproduce the feats of engineering seen in ancient architecture, there will always be the possibility, though remote, that mankind got a helping hand from outside of this world. The possibility that ancient aliens played a part in Earth’s history is fascinating without a doubt, but will remain only a possibility until we have solid proof one way or another.

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    • dmarlow says:

      Excellent pick rustinspector! I was following that story a few months ago also. It is pretty exciting news if the informed sources are accurate!

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