Hi folks. This journey started, for me, with the introduction of color TV.  Yes, that was a long time ago for some of you. For the old folks like me… it was only yesterday.


You see, the color TV brought the world into our living rooms. Soon, everyone believed that what was happening on TV was REAL. Back then in the 1950’s and 1960’s most television was LIVE and broadcasts like the moonshot were LIVE. The moon shot had taken place in 1969 and our family didn’t get a decent color TV until almost 2 years later.


Then a fellow by the name of Erich von Däniken dared to challenge the world with his astounding and provocative evidence of Nazca Lines and strange monoliths and bas relief sculptures that provoked most of us into the strangest thoughts of our young lives.  Our parents “pooh-poohed” the whole idea. Yet, it persisted for many of us through the decade. Along with Star Trek our imaginations were spurred forward as we dreamed that all of it… someday… would become our reality.

Soon, other REAL scientists put their credentials on the line and stood beside Erich von Däniken and the challenge was now multi-voiced in a chorus that stretched around the globe. We saw aliens on Star Trek and saw the different kinds of fantastic propulsion systems and ways of harnessing the sun’s energy. Solar power began to become a reality in our reality. Still our parents “pooh-poohed” these ideas as merely a fad that would never amount to anything more than a “hill of beans”.


These attitudes fuelled controversy and government denials increased and careers of believers became discredited… but still “it” persisted. A movement began. Unrelenting thirst for the truth of a suspected cover-up that was revealed through life after life that was affected by lies that persisted from the governments that were elected by the very people whom the wished to discredit, defame, and even … destroy.


Too many secrets. Too many lies. Too many cover-ups. The corruption was piling up. The truth was becoming overwhelming. The people could not be denied. Real change had begun. Presidents, ministers, soldiers, statesmen, pilots, policemen, nurses, photographers… in short thousands of ordinary people had their stories to tell. The governments couldn’t muzzle and destroy them all without exposing their deeper agenda. An olive branch was extended… an offer of disclosure.


So, Steven M. Greer, and his associates and other associations were finally heard. But even then, the whole truth could not be exposed. The darkest secrets which were too damaging to expose were still kept from the people. The shadow government who reported to their overlords had to keep the genie in the bottle. It was their directive and sole task to protect that knowledge.


Then slowly, through exposure from those who no longer believed their directives were in the best interest of the people, the REAL stories were being told. The people were forming investigative associations which were bent on exposing the TRUTH.


So, now we come to it.


That is what I am investigating. That is what I am seeking. That is what I want to bring to this blog.


The scientific evidence and advances are staggering in the last 10 years alone. That science deserves a window of exposure. People need to know what is REALLY happening now. Far too many discoveries are now corporately controlled and proprietary in nature which is allowing new chemical elements to remain hidden from public view while new applications of these discoveries are discovered almost daily.


This blog will take a good long look at it all and I will bring whatever I can to the forefront of your mind.



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