Hypothetically, an alien is a fictional being from another world. Though, aliens generally avoid making their presence known to humanity!

Do aliens exist? How would you react on seeing a real alien? The idea that ancient aliens exist is and has never been taken seriously by NASA, (The Natural Aeronautics and Space Administration) responsible for all air/space operations, and has received little or no credible attention. But most review studies by people across the world suggest that we are not alone. From bizarre reportings, to basic statistical mathematics probability, all fingers point to alien life. Is this skepticism?

Most people register sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) moving in lightning speed across the sky. Shockingly, also astronauts themselves from NASA point out seeing flying figures when in space. There are also those who claim to have had extraterrestrial encounters with aliens and steered them mentally or even, performed medical experiments on them.

Recently, archaeologists also claim to have made new discoveries and fossils on the list, which suggest that ancient aliens exist and were a part of Planet Earth millions of years ago, and actually helped ancient civilizations.

In the event of challenging these claims, there have been numerous TV shows and science narrations, trying to unlock and decode this ancient debate as well. Others narrate that aliens have their own radio signals which they use to communicate, while others quote that aliens are planning a revolution.

It could be possible that ancient aliens exist, but the matter still remains a mystery since NASA and the US government, who case the files as classified information, despite the evidence all around us.

There are many indications which suggest we are not alone. But, in the end, what you believe is yours to decide. But with the help of modern science and technology, its worth noting that we are not alone – Ancient aliens exist!

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