Energy Vortex On Earth


Many ancient civilizations held the belief that the Earth was born from a universal energy matrix. At present, there are certain locations and areas in our planet that are considered to have the highest energy concentrations than ever before. These are known as the energy vortices of Earth. In the past, many formed stories of how they came to be. However, scientific evidence shows that they are brought about by the electromagnetic field. However far apart these hot spots’ might be from one another, they are linked together by ley lines (a.k.a energy lines), which are described as intricate pathways connected to one another that are similar in structure to the human circulatory and nervous system.

Vortices may come in various forms and sizes such as mountains, volcanoes, mineral deposits, the depths of the oceans, etc. Some famous landmarks around the world such as the Himalayas, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Peruvian Inca territories are also considered energy vortex of Earth.

Significant amount of research has proven that our bodies are tuned in to these energy hot spots’ in the Earth and many believe that these vortex are comparable to the chakras of the human body. As so with the chakras in our system, the energy vortices around the world have been categorized as major and minor as well.

There are several major energy vortices around our planet. They are located in Avebury, England; Ayers Rock, Australia; Bimini, Florida; Calgary, Canada; Easter Island, Chile; Nepal; Machu Pichu, The Andes, South America; Philippines; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Sedona, Arizona; Tibet, Lhasa.

Some of the minor energy vortices on Earth include The Pyramids in Egypt, the Canary Islands, Lake Titicaca in Peru, the Dead Sea in Israel, Osaka and the hot springs in Japan, Yellowstone Park in the USA, and Patmos Islands in Greece.

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