Disadvantages of cloning


Although cloning has several advantages, it is possibly one of the topics that are widely debated on because of the disadvantages it has.

The following are some of the disadvantages of cloning

Has low success rate

There is limited information on the process of cloning hence the chances of its success have always been low. Out of all the tests conducted on cloning, a very little percent has proved successful.

Mutation risks

Cloning necessitates that there is manipulation of genes. When dealing with genes, there is risk of mutation occurring. This results in deaths and extreme abnormalities. No one wants that to happen.

Brings more division in the world

There is pronounced division among people in the world today. People tend to divide themselves in lines of race, language, wealth, and more. There is prejudice and discrimination all over. Therefore introducing cloned human beings into the world would cause a further divide as they would not be regarded as human beings.

Devalues human life

Every person in the world believes that a person has only one life. Conducting human cloning to bring someone who has died back to life devalues the life that they have.

Development of new diseases

Cloning could bring in cell mutation and this may result in the development of deadly diseases that have no cure.


There are still many effects of cloning that are still unknown to man. As it is the nature of science, new discoveries are continually being made. Therefore, we do not still know the real mental, social and medical consequences of cloning. In fact, they could be more.

Moral and ethical problems

Religious and cultural beliefs have always been against cloning. Many people stick to the belief that cloning is a mockery to God and should not be done at all.

Cloning leads to loss of gene diversity which is critical in surviving diseases.

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