Benefits of cloning


Cloning is the process of taking desired genetic material from the DNA of an organism , and creating an identical copy of it by growing it artificially so as to certain qualities.

There are many advantages of cloning. Some of them include

Solving fertility problems

There are a big number of couples who are not able to conceive babies naturally. This happens due to fertility problems or homosexual people who want children but they are not able to. Such people could make use of cloning to create children using their own genes.

Designer children

Cloning would in future enable parents to choose the desired traits in children. The genes of a child can be inserted during the early stages of development.

Prolonged life

Aging people could use cloning to have their young cells cloned so as to preserve their youth. This is possible through human cloning technology, and could prolong the average life span of a human being.

Organ & tissue harvesting

There are many people out there whose lives are at the mercy of organ donors and without the donations, they will die. Cloning allows people to clone their vital organs so as to remain healthy.

Compensating a loss 

Nothing can be as painful as losing a child. Most couples do not want that to happen. Cloning comes as a savior and could bring a dead person back to life. Legends, genius, and prominent people could be brought back to life using human cloning.

Elimination of birth defects

Undesirable birth defects that are detected at the early stages of development in the womb could be reversed using cloning. By taking the tissue of the child and creating a clone, it’s possible to manipulate the embryos genes to remove the birth defect.

Cloning could improve medicines and cure for terminal and deadly diseases.

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